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A fully decentralized, blockchain agnostic, non-custodial protocol for private & public crowdsourced security audit and bug-bounty platform.


WeFuzz is a, fully decentralized, blockchain agnostic, crowdsourced security audit and bug bounty platform: a set of smart contracts that allow developers and companies to get their smart contracts, blockchains, web3 applications etc audited by the decentralized auditors and hackers community.


WeFuzz Architecture


Q2 - 2022
  1. Conceptualization
  2. Website development
  3. MVP dashboard designs
  4. Grant Procedure
Q3 - 2022
  1. Technical Architecture and System Design
  2. DApp Development
  3. Solana Programs Development
  4. Seed Funding
Q4 - 2022
  1. Launch MVP on Devnet
  2. Blockchain Agnostic Design
  3. Payment architecture and dev
  4. Security Audit of Programs
  5. DApp Development Advancement
  6. User Onboarding
  7. WeFuzz adoption
Q1 - 2023
  1. TGE event
  2. Programs Continuous Security Audit
  3. Launch MVP on Mainnet
  4. Launch WeFuzz Bounty Campaign
  5. Private Beta Testing and reviews
  6. Strategic partnerships
Q2 - 2023
  1. Token listing (IDO)
  2. General Availability of the platform
  3. Future improvements




CHAITANYA (Co-Founder)

  • Chaitanya has more than a decade of experience in development and Security, majorly in Application Security, Vulnerability Research, Fuzzing and Exploit Development. Currently focused mostly in Vulnerability Research and fuzzing Smart Contracts and MacOS/iOS platforms and Blockchain Security.

  • Chaitanya has reported many vulnerabilities in Apple iOS/macOS Core frameworks: CVE-2014-1290, CVE-2014-1370, CVE-2015-3723, CVE-2016-1737, CVE-2016-1740, CVE-2017-7031

  • Chaitanya published many tools that help in vulnerability research that are available at https://github.com/ant4g0nist

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ant4g0nist

Ranjeet WeFuzz


Ross WeFuzz

Ross Plummer (CEO)

  • Ross has a background in brand marketing, advertising and film production. For 15 years he ran global digitally integrated marketing campaigns for the likes of Intel, Netflix, Heineken, Nike and Under Armour. He ran Global Football for Nike and headed up integrated production for digital agency R/GA, before opening Ridley Scott's European operations, where he became a movie producer.

  • His work covers three World Cups and Olympics games and he is a multiple Cannes Lion winning producer with numerous awards for digital activations, and is seen as a global authority on brand building and multi-faceted campaign production.

  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ross-plummer